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OMSC's Trail Master Report:

April 03, 2023 PM: DANGER!!!  MPORTANT ALERT!!!

Trail 71A is not safe as a through trail crossing the river.  Please DO NOT CROSS THE RIVER IN OXBOW!  It is NOT SAFE!

March 26, 2023


We will leave the signs up for another couple weeks, but there will be no more grooming operations or trail maintenance for the remainder of this season.

Thank you to all of our club members for their continued support and to the groomer operators for all of their long hours and dedication to keep our trail system great.

March 22, 2023

With this new snow our groomer will be out tonight doing 71D and 85N. To get the trails ready for the weekend. Another reminder ITS86 is closed for the season. Irving is logging parts of it and has asked us to close it down. I have put out trail closed signs where it connects with ITS85 as well as the Oak hill trail.

March 21, 2023


March 17, 2023

We groomed 71D and 85 North last night. With a little weather coming and some warmer daytime temperatures coming we will see what the storm brings Friday night and make a determination when and what trails to groom.

March 5, 2023 (PM)

ITS 85 North from Oxbow to Masardis has been opened up to traffic once again. RIDE RIGHT! PLEASE!

March 5, 2023 (AM) ALERT!!!ITS 85 from Oxbow to Masardis will

be closed from 2pm until approximately 5 pm today. Please use 71-a as an alternate route between Oxbow and Ashland. As always, we will post on Facebook and here when the trail.closure is complete. Thank you.

March 4, 2023 (Evening): 

ITS 85 between Oxbow and Ashland has been cleared of debris and is again open to travel. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE RIDE RIGHT AND RIDE SAFE!!!!

March 4, 2023 (Late Afternoon): 

85 north between Oxbow and Masardis is temporarily closed due to an accident scene. Please use 71-a to travel between Oxbow and Ashland until further notice.

Feb 18, 2023 (AM): 

Thank you to all of our groomer operators for working pretty much around the clock and grooming all of our trails in the last couple of nights. Trails are in good shape and we will continue to do our best to keep them that way.

ATTENTION!!!! PLEASE!!!! Trail 71-d is THE ONLY way to ride between Libby's and Oxbow! Please follow signs and ignore your GPS! The trail takes a different route this season due to logging operations! It should be obvious to all now that logging trucks and snowmobiles don't mix!!!!! Please ride safe, ride right and FOLLOW SIGNS!

Feb 13, 2023: THANK YOU!

Huge THANK YOU to the crew that spent their Sunday morning helping change a track on the Tucker, one of whom spent his Saturday driving 630 miles to go pick it up and deliver it! We will be out with both groomers today breaking open ITS 85 south of Oxbow as logging operations have ended and we will be eliminating the temporary bypass. We expect this to be completed and in service Tuesday mid morning. Riders please follow trail signage as your GPS may not be accurate. Ride right, ride safe and enjoy!

Feb 11, 2023: 

The Oxbow/Masardis Club groomer will be out working on ITS85 north of Oxbow tonight. Keep an eye out in those Conner for the groomer. There have been far to many close calls this year with sleds traveling much to fast on winding sections of trails and we would hate to see anyone get hurt hitting the groomer.

Feb 10, 2023:  URGENT HELP NEEDED!!


In an effort to get our Tucker groomer back out working we are looking for a usable or new 200” track. I know this is a long shot but you don’t know until you ask. New tracks aren’t available at the dealer until after this winter season is long over. We had 3 usable take offs but we let them go to other clubs in the past few years having the same problem. Now we find ourselves in this fix.

Feb 09, 2023:  UH OH!! HERE WE GO! (AGAIN)


Yet another Tucker rubber track gone bad. A 2-3 year old track now has ply separations and is filling with ice and snow. We just got done replacing 1 track this fall ($7000) because of a misaligned carrier that had been worked on in VT the past 3 years. We have replaced more track on this unit than you have fingers on both of your hands in 5000 hrs of use. It’s not from abuse it’s that they are just poor quality tracks.

We are being told that the dealer presently doesn’t have any tracks in stock and will hopefully see some this spring or summer when all the back orders have been filled!! The only recommendation was to glue it back together and put in a bunch of elevator bolts to hopefully hold it together.

Feb 07, 2023:  (PM)

71-d from Oxbow is groomed to the shore of Grand Lake Seboeis. Shin Pond has groomed to the other shore. HOWEVER... the lake itself is not marked because of slush conditions. PLEASE use caution on this trail!

Feb 07, 2023:  (AM)

Tonight we have groomers on 85 north from Oxbow to Masardis and south to our meet up with BMSP.

Feb 05, 2023: (PM)

Tucker is out on ITS 85 north to Masardis tonight. 85 south done this morning. Maintenance on machines done mid-day. Out at 7am tomorrow working on opening more trail where trucking has ended.....this doesn't happen by accident, fuel and maintenance isn't free. Join a club! Donate! Volunteer! It's the only way to keep this going! Stay tuned for updates!

Feb 05, 2023:  (AM)

ITS 85 from Oxbow to Shin Pond meet is clear of all obstructions. The trail is flat and hard. Please ride right and ride safe. Enjoy!

Feb 04, 2023: (PM)  ALERT!!!

It has just come to our attention that there is a downed tree on ITS 85 between Shin Pond and the junction of ITS 86. Sleds have been passing through but CAUTION MUST BE TAKEN! We will be there at daylight to work on the issue.

Feb 02, 2023: (PM)

Once again both our groomers are out on ITS 85 north to Masardis bridge and south to Shin Pond meeting point. Please use caution and give the operators the room they require to make the trails flat and hard. At this time we will not be back out until Sunday morning at the earliest due to forecasted weather conditions. As always check back here often for updates. Ride safe, ride right. Enjoy!

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