Trail Update



Our section of ITS 85/81 between Oxbow and Shin Pond has been packed and groomed this week. ITS 85 north of Oxbow has NOT been worked on this week and we don’t recommend it. Still not many signs and some real trouble areas. Ashland snowmobile club has not been out on the trail as there is just not enough snow to use their groomer. Many of the trails in that area are woods trails and not on logging road systems.

Trail 71-D from Oxbow to Libby’s Camps has been groomed and from Libby’s camps back to Shin Pond has been groomed. As with any of the trails this year, there are a few short sections that require greater rider attention.


ITS 86 has NOT been worked on, we don’t recommend riding it yet. It needs a few more inches of snow on about 6 miles of trail before we can do anything. And the same over on the Houlton side of the St Croix River.


While not like mid winter conditions all and all its in fair to good condition. There are a few short sections that you will need to use greater caution and please, keep your speed down and don’t spin your tracks. Watch for 4x4 vehicles still using the trail.


These limited snow conditions are hard on grooming equipment, groomer on the rocks don’t mix well!