End of Season Update (04/01/2021):

While it was a start and stop kind of a winter, we did end up with some very good trail riding. As I tally up out grooming hours and mileage, our groomer recorded over 665 hours of grooming and traveled 3319 miles. I would like to thank our groomer operators Todd Weeks, Bo Garside, Don Whipple and George McPherson.


We also need to give thanks to all the landowners big and small that give permission for our trails. Without the help from the large commercial landowners like Irving Woodlands, Seven Islands Land Company, Prentiss & Carlisle Forest Resource Management, and Huber Resources we would not have trails in the Oxbow area. Over 80 miles of our ITS 85 & 86 are on these properties.


The groomer and drag have been put away till next winter. A lot of behind the scene things will be happening all summer long to prepare for next year. As many of you know, trails just don’t magically appear after the first snow hits the ground.


Please give your support for the increased trails funding legislation making its way through the legislature now. The cost of providing quality trails has far surpassed current funding levels.


Trail Master


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